Unseen Connections – Ancient Egypt and the North American Indians

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Marion Verweij
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In this fascinating booklet, author Marion Verweij explores the unseen connection between North American Indians and Ancient Egypt. Through pictures, artefacts and rituals, she looks at the possibility of an ancient link between the two separated cultures, both in time and distance, which seems to lie as much in the unseen, spiritual realms as in the physical realms. By drawing on both cultures, the author makes a strong case for an unseen network, through which peoples and times, though physically separated, can be connected because they adhere to the same ways of life and belief systems.

Paperback 40 pages
Black and White Illustrations
ISBN 1-874717-04-4

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For the last twenty years Marion Verweij has researched, and written about, a vast range of subjects. For some time she has been focusing particularly on the situation of women in the world, as she holds the vision that women working together can make a better future for all mankind.

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