Beacons of Hope

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Marion Verweij
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In this book Marion Verweij highlights many of the women who struggle to make this world a better place for the present and coming generations. The women who speak out against all sorts of suppression, which they themselves have experienced. Yet, it is not a book about suffering, but about hope. The author paints a picture of rites and habits still existing in the world today that cause harm to women. But, as an antidote to this oppression, the book presents certain qualities that are universal and can be developed naturally, such as honour and self-respect. Many women spoken to in this book embody these qualities. The book offers practical ways to grow the qualities that can liberate the best in a person and inspire others to be their best. It is a book about true humanity.

Paperback 112 pages
With Photographs and Illustrations
ISBN 1-874717-05-2

About the


For the last twenty years Marion Verweij has researched, and written about, a vast range of subjects. For some time she has been focusing particularly on the situation of women in the world, as she holds the vision that women working together can make a better future for all mankind.

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