The Chilled Zone - My Notebook

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Viv Mullett
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(includes sayings from 'Why is theHuman on Earth')

Enjoy the stress-free, wide-open spaces in this notebook designed by Viv Mullett. Its blank and lined pages offer a freedom to write or draw your world, and understand it a lot better. And as you write, draw and travel the pages, so your notes become a book of your life story. Certainly the most enlightening notebook you'll ever read - because you wrote it!

Hardcover 112 pages
ISBN 9780955948732

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After a long career as a graphic designer and illustrator, sometimes painter and printmaker, Viv Mullett pursuing an even longer-held passion for paper by learning how to make it, as a new creative venture. If you are old enough to remember Picture Book in the early days of children’s TV, you might remember the sound of scissors cutting through thick paper. It was a sensation I could feel and even taste, as well as hear. It took me years to find the right paper and scissors to reproduce that sound, and I think my love of paper was born out of watching that program in the late 1950s.

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