Electric Ecosystem

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Sander Funneman
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This book opens fascinating insights into the unknown electromagnetic dimension of the ecosystem. Nature is full of wonder; bacteria appear to use natural ‘mobile phones’ and birds ‘google’ for the best feeding grounds. Hummingbirds and bees charge themselves as batteries, seals explore their surroundings with a radar moustache, frogs float on magnetic fields, plants connect to the geosphere and eucalyptus trees charge the air electrically. In a scientifically substantiated way, the story is told about the electric side of humans, animals, plants and the Earth. Can that life remain intact with the global exponential increase of artificial radiation? The book invites contemplation and dialogue about this. At the moment the general view is that everything in nature works by chemical reactions. However, a new perspective is emerging in which everything appears to be connected with everything by nature’s secret language: electromagnetic frequencies. In the near future this perspective will have a great impact on the way we look at areas such as agriculture, biology, healthcare, hydrology and psychology.

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Sander Funneman studied general economy and statistics and has been teaching this in higher professional education. Since 2000 he is an independent researcher, publicist and director of the Template Stichting Netherlands. He is an (inter)national speaker about many subjects concerning the natural templates of life and an advocate of uncommon ways of looking at the greater context of human existence. He is already researching the electric side of nature for more than 35 years and published four books on this subject - two of which were in collaboration with the Science Platform Electromagnetic Fields Netherlands (WPEN).

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