A Second Chance at Life

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Mark Ballabon
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Each chapter offers core understandings in key areas of personal growth. From its opening chapter, ‘Wake up and live’ to its insights into the natural laws, the unseen worlds, the five centres and the force of colour, this book could indeed represent an approach road to real change. A second chance at life indeed. This book primes, prepares and inspires anyone who is seeking to live a self-determined life.

Hardcover 86 pages
Colour illustrations
ISBN 978-1874717010

About the


Philosopher, environmentalist and author, Mark Ballabon has been teaching and writing about personal and spiritual development for over two decades. His non-fiction titles include 'Why is The Human on Earth' and 'Courting the Future: preparing for a different world', which features a collection of essays which explore the future in a visionary and practical way - addressing climate change in the human and on the planet.

During the past four years Mark has been developing an original series of books for teen readers. The first book in the series, ‘Home: My Life in the Universe’ will be published on April 2022 with illustrations by Grant MacDonald. It is 14 year old Leah’s search for her place in the world. It also encourages reflection on important contemporary issues including bullying, self-belief, body image and the climate crisis.

Mark lives in London with his wife but regularly gives talks and workshops to audiences in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, North America and the Middle East.

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